A Critical Eye II

Happy October Middle School Students!

Some of you have tried your hand at being an art critic and analyzed Picasso’s work using an artist’s eye.

How was it?

I really enjoyed doing critiques in University because it enabled me to find and identify things that I loved in every work of art. Maybe the colours stood out in one, the realism of another, the textural lines of a third, etc. Looking from an artistic viewpoint, I learned that every drawing or painting has something special about it and when we break it down into the elements of art (line, shape, colour, form, value, texture and space) and the principals of design (balance, colour, size, variety, proportion, pattern and rhythm) it is easier to find.

Since we are learning about drawing and more specifically shading with pencils, the next piece I challenge you to critique is:

Early No.2, by Georgia O’Keeffe, 1915

What do you think?

This is an abstract piece so use your imagination to answer the questions like subject matter.

Remember to address all of the categories in your critique:

Describe– What do you see? Where is it taking place? Who or what is the subject matter? What colours did the artist use? What is the artist’s style?

Analyze– How did the artist use the elements of art (lines, shapes, texture, form, space and value)? What principals of design are used (balance, colour, size, variety, proportion, pattern and rhythm)?

Interpret– What message or story is the artist telling us? What is happening in the art work?

Evaluate– After examining the work closely, what do you think about it? Do you like it? Why or why not? Did the artist succeed in putting out a message or telling a story through their work?

To learn more about Georgia O’Keeffe visit this link:






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