Modern Landscapes

Grade 3 artists began this project by learning about Georgia O’Keeffe, her life and artworks. Next they drew a modern/abstract landscape (sky, mountains and hills) inspired by her painting Anything, 1916, with black oil pastels.

Then we discussed the difference between warm and cool colours and played a sorting game to ensure the students comprehension.

Following the game, students chose whether their artwork would be a day (warm sky and cool land) or night (cool sky and warm land) scene. They used chalk pastels, blending with their fingers and finished by re-tracing the borders with black oil pastel.

Students also wrote and recorded reflections on their work.

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  1. jdarwish at |

    The art produced with your guidance at the OJCS is outstanding! Each grade is creating and learning so much ! What an excellent showcase to see on the Blog!


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